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Spa Packages Bellmore, NY

Body Spa Treatment Packages for Bellmore and Merrick, NY

We have body treatment services including exfoliation, body firming, and wraps. Each of our treatment packages is excellent for full body rejuvenation. If you are in need of a deep, full body cleanse, then we highly recommend any one of our body treatments. Read more about each to know exactly what your individual body needs.

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Body Firming/Slimming
Bliss® Body Firming - $120

A savior before slipping into anything curve-hugging, this detoxifying, circulation-stimulating, body-toning treatment includes dry brushing, application of firming grapefruit essential oil, a trouble-spot targeting seaweed Task Mask, a heated wrap, and a rubdown with waist-whittling Love Handler followed by our famed Fat GirlSlim or FatGirlSleep.
VALMONT Peaks of Slimness (Combination of Massage and Sliming) - $235

A true remodeling of the silhouette, Peaks of Slimness combines a unique motion – Valmont’s signature Butterfly movement – and an original technique working in the direction of the muscular fibers, to render the body toned and slender. For 60 minutes, kneading, friction, and smoothing pressures provide deep action on each area for a relaxing, effective, and pain-free treatment. Peaks of Slimness will enchant with its innovative approach and immediate effects.
Body Exfoliation
Sea Salt Glow - $80

Sea salt glow is designed to relax you and revitalize your very being. This Ayurvedic Sea Salt contains more than 74 beneficial trace minerals, including all those currently known to be essential for general health and vitality. Mix with massage oil to exfoliate the top layers of dead skin from the whole body. This experience will leave your skin moist, glowing, satin-smooth, and stimulated.
White Sugar Honey Polish - $85

This polish is loaded with luscious white sugar to gently exfoliate, honey to nourish, and selected oils of Jojoba, Apricot, and Aloe to form a paste-like substance. Our White Sugar Honey Polish is a natural moisturizing experience and contains Rosa Mosqueta Oil plus 10 additional botanical extracts – such as Green Tea and Ginkgo – to help heal and soothe the damaged skin. 

*For Sensitive Skin
Body Wraps with Vichy Shower Hydrotherapy Treatment
Seaweed Wrap - $90

This wrap combines the detoxifying properties of sea algae and exfoliating benefits of brewer’s yeast and spirulina to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. Ideal for a cellulite or weight-loss program.
Dead Sea Mud Wrap - $90

Long known for its healing and hydrating properties and very high concentration of minerals, the Dead Sea has offered mud users relief from aching joints, stiffness, skin problems, and other toxic ailments. It also helps improve blood circulation for revitalized skin from the inside.

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